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The Design-a-Dog Face Cutters are revolutionary designed cutters to make an endless variety of dogs. These easy to use cutters are perfect for cupcakes and cookies, beginners and professionals, create a Frenchie or Pug, British Bull Dog or Great Dane - these are fabulous fun for the whole family. A huge selection of dog faces can be created to decorate cupcakes, celebration cakes and cookies. With a little imagination and some tweaking, all you need are these cutters
MUZZLES: You can cut out different shaped muzzles depending on the breed of dog you want to create and there are five to choose from. Remember that you can always use the side of one of the shapes to cut away icing to adapt the shape! You can always layer up more than one muzzle to get the exact shape needed. There are no end of possibilities.
EARS: Use one of the five ear cutters depending on the shape you require. You can change the length of any of the ears by trimming away some icing from the top. Give your dog added character by bending the ears over, sticking them straight up in the air or even one of each!
EYES, NOSES, MOUTHS& TONGUES: Eyes and noses are different for all dogs and they can create many expressions on their faces. Cut or hand roll icing to give the finishing touches to your dogs face. Use a scriber tool or an edible pen or paint to add a mouth and small pieces of icing for a tongue

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