Gumpaste Flower Small Spray 6 pc set

Pre-Made Small Colored Gumpaste Sprays - 6 piece set.

Pieces measure approximately 4 inches.

Use any of these bright and colorful gumpaste sprays for any type of cake occasion. With their variety of designs, styles, and color themes, these Sprays are great to place on any type of birthday cake, wedding cake, or just to have on hand for those last minute emergency cakes.


Each spray is wrapped with foam where the stem is anchored. Holding the flower by the stem, unwind foam from the flower. Careful not to pull on the foam because it may break parts of the flowers. Leave the foil wrapping as it provides a hygienic contact point wtih the cake.

**Due to the nature of the item, although unlikey, some breakage may occur. Easy to repair instructions are included in all orders.


After unpackign the flowers, broken parts can be repaired as follows. Mix up a small amounf of royal icing using any brand, following the directions on the jar. Tint the royal icing to the shade that you need, then apply a thin bead of it to the broken edge. Press the two broken edges together, and allow it to set dry at least one hour before placing it on the cake.

Small breaks can be hidden by carefully rearranging the flowers on the spray. The wires holding each flower can be rearranged as you desire to cover small chips in the petals or leaves, and these imperfections make the flower sprays look more realistic.

Due to the handmade nature of this product there may be slight imperfections on the flower, which give each flower a distinctive and natural look.

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