CK Products High Ratio Shortening 3lb.

High Ratio Shortening by CK Products 3lb.

High ratio shortening is a quality product that when used in icing, makes the icing easier to work with. The shortening is sturdier than standard shortenings and keeps the icing from not breaking down as quickly
High ratio means it can hold more liquid and sugar than other store brand shortenings or butter in cake, icing and other baking formulas.

Hi ratio shortening make fluffier, creamier icing designed specifically for bakeries. It contains emulsifiers which is more temperature stable and will hold air better upon whipping, improving volume and stability of icing.
Certified Kosher

Food Products and other heat-sensitive items shipped during the summer months are shipped at the purchaser's risk and are not guaranteed against weather related damage. (melting or discoloration)

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Used for the first, WOW what a difference it made in the icing. Will always it this product for all my cake icing.
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Love it. Makes a super fluffy , creamy icing .
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